Or you could ask someone for their name. at the bottom right click on “Downgrade to the free plan”. As it is now, it is completely useless and pointless.. they could have also prompted users to the change and gave them 3 options I decided I’d go and post my disappointment on the Strava Community forum, uh-uh, think again, turns out that only Strava approved discussion topics are allowed, FFS! I eventually found it. That would make it absolutely useful, and wouldn’t violate anyone’s privacy. What Strava have always failed to do in my mind, is have everything work on my ‘Followers” list, this I believe is pretty much what most people want, show me Flyby but only my followers, same with Group Activities. Flyby Radar is a widget which displays the position, direction and speed of fellow riders in your area - in realtime.


* live radar map of all bikers in your area

* shows relative direction, distance, heading and speed of other riders

* automatic zoom (from 50 km to 100 meters, depending on number or riders in the … Start Strava before an activity and you can track your favorite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data. I was trying to find flybys for yesterday’s activity… couldn’t find anything until I hit google searches. Certainly, aspects of Strava privacy controls have changed since then. After that I used flyby to see every person that went past the virtual me, was very useful. Moving time too short and pace too fast on Suunto activities? : And I love that feature of segments, since that is the way how I discover new MTB trails in my area: see who’s fastest on my favorites that week, and see where else they rode… and no need for FlyBy there…. If that’s the case (but certainly not saying my choices aren’t good for women), and you just want to see a different gear junkies “picks”, check out The Girl’s 2018 Gear Guide too. I set all my activities to private and adjust them based on what I am doing and if I want to share. Garmin Connect provides better mapping, routing, and workout analysis. Ha, such timing. Either way, I think it’s a terrible decision and terrible to just turn it off with no/little notice. But if I clicked on cerrtain people from the flyby screen I would get an error that I did not have access to the activity (I don’t remember the exact error). Most of the time. But more practically, this allows me to decide when and where I share my location. An activity marked as private used would still show up in flybys (i’ve seen that plenty of times). Can I remove my heart rate or power data? I really liked this feature. This is a quite complicated way to achieve this, when you could just create a segment there… same effect, and even nice statistics , You will be able to see that you rode with them, but it won’t show on theirs that they rode with you. Nobody needs Strava for the Analytics all that information and more is available in Garmin connect. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 20, 2015. Strava has somewhat quietly turned off, for all users, the Flyby feature, after a tweet went viral during the last few days, based on privacy concerns. Flybys are only useful/fun if a significant number of users have the feature enabled. That said, they aren’t perfect as noted if you live in a place far from others. Attribute Explanation; Flyby : A ( ) means that this activity was a flyby with the primary activity. Luke-terne Rouge, Glad I finished. In pandemic era, it’s been helpful in identifying masks friends who I couldn’t recognize that flew by me in opposite directions. I had just noticed Flybys was gone and didn´t have any idea why. I just wish more people didnt keep everything so locked down on garmin. I swim, bike and run. If I’m on vacation at a cabin near the beach, I don’t necessarily want people knowing that exact cabin. Sure, there’s a learn-more button, but most people will ignore it. First though, a quick explainer on what Strava Flyby is. Glad I found this. It is just pushing me to create segments on Garmin connect now. Committed to privacy yet have not implemented ability to hide activity start times for years even though people have been asking. Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! I’ve been a subscriber for more than 3 years and feel that I should get updates more quickly from them. I noticed in the Flyby explanation it says “Only your ACTIVITIES marked as visible to ‘EVERYONE’ will be displayed in Flybys.”. I am sure someone else will just redo them in the future. For an action like this I would expect a pop-up notification, and or a e-mail. Why Strava doesn’t send out an email informing us about their new flyby-policy is baffling. But wait, are you a female and feel like these things might not apply to you? Do I need to enable any extra functionality ? Seriously, go try it. This evening I went to look at FlyBy to see who I’d been racing against on my commute…, only to discover another one of my favourite features has gone! Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? Strava made it No One for everybody. That notification doesn’t explain what Flyby is, or why people might want it on or off. if a private zone is created now, does it affect rides/run done before? I love looking at long gravel races and seeing how far back I was when the winners finished, and it’s a great accountability tool for seeing if people cut the course. Wanna create comparison chart graphs just like I do for GPS, heart rate, power meters and more? Though I knew it was inevitable that it would happen sometime, its demise has still made me sad. Does anyone know, aside from the Privacy setting, if there is a pre-condition which enables the “Flyby” link to appear again in an activity? Any experience on individuals using Segments on Garmin? I subscribed to strava after their groveling earlier in the year, but they keep doing retarded things like this. July 20th: 60 million Talk to some women on Strava and see what they think about Flyby. Her husband claimed she’d gone out for a job on Saturday morning in her home town. Think my written reviews are deep? (or if a club went by I could findout what the club was and see that they were worth joining or not). It made sense that it was enabled by default. Previously I had nearly all activities’ visibility set to “Followers Only.” Even then, I could still see the Flybys link on the activity and could view the flybys on my activity and see the routes of others on the flyby map. Strava quickly disabled the 5+ year old feature, but hasn’t really communicated that well in any way. You have to go the the privacy settings and switch Flyby (bottom right) to Everyone. Has Flyby stopped working or is it just me? This issue should now be resolved with the latest version of the Strava app, v181.0.3. The riders that never knew about it deserve their anonymity IMHO. Thanks! Anyway, see also the below comment as well. What they’ve done is basically remove one of their best features. slight mistake. Very disappointing … they could have made everyone’s default “anonymous” by not showing their name or their avatars . That would simply be solved by the obvious: The house could sit at the center if randomness determined it. — Strava removed a feature I paid for and now is refusing to refund me. P.S. Alternatively, Strava could always just obscure the first/last 200-400m of any ride/run, no matter the location using an always changing value. Strava has removed so many features this year it’s hardly worth using it anymore. The only option is to go private. I wrote a little bit about it five years ago, showing how it worked on a random Sunday morning ride. Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos! However, that case actually has nothing to do with Strava Flyby. However, the feature showing ‘Today’s’ segment performance has disappeared. If they’d communicated it to people widely and made it easy to re-enable with a single click from an email it would’ve mitigated the fallout somewhat. The feature is basically useless now. Hey, thank you for posting this detail! From the Starva site – “If you signed up on Strava.com, you may cancel your Summit membership by visiting your “Account” page and selecting “Downgrade” or by contacting us at https://support.strava.com.” . I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! This is a really good compromise! Job done. The problem is, the segments populate with much fewer individuals than strava, I believe for the exact reason the individual mentioned above. If not, they did the right thing. I think we are all just getting a bit too paranoid these days. I think the beacon function will still work, as the strava app is not running when paired with a garmin, as it is your phone which is connected and it wakes up strava, and strava has permission to send a message in case of a fall etc. It doesn’t appear to be a premium only option. What if the Biggest Climb on my Profile is incorrect? To re-enable it, you go into your privacy controls and re-toggle that option back to ‘Everyone’ if you want people to see it. So IMO the clock is now ticking for FlyBys. yup I’ve observed very similar. Why can’t flybys be covered by the same ruling. click here to Subscribe without commenting. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! But it does get to the larger problem of Strava not interacting with their users, like asking their opinions. But sometimes after the ride I could see their activity, check out past rides, and see what groups they rode with. It’s amazing seeing the blazé attitude towards privacy in a lot of the comments here. Pretty much cut and dry, no apologize for any inconvenience. I got a response to the ticket I submitted to Strava before seeing this article. I would still want to have to be able to see friends see flyby by default. I pay my annual subscription, but I’m wondering whether there’s sufficient value to do so in future. Do at least 2 people participating in a Flyby need to have their private setting set to “Everyone”? Clicking on the title of a ride takes you to the ride overview screen. I love this feature, and think it’s a shame, but it’s the right thing to do. This! But my buddy just had a much better use-case – we were mountain biking in a remote area of north England just 4 weeks ago and he dropped and lost his camera when he answered the call of nature! If you’re new around these parts, here’s the long version of my story. Next, under “Membership” scroll down to “Downgrade to the free plan” and click that. I was expecting it be turned off moving forward but i have lost all of it unless I guess people go and turn it back on manually which I think most people won’t or won’t care to do. Picture search is nowhere near as reliable as you think it is. Uh, yeah. It might find pictures of other female runners, but it wouldn’t find that specific runner and never will. Are you willing to review or test beta products? Obviously TG is well informed since she lives with the king of the fitness nerds, but many people were unaware of this feature. After all – that’s really the core of the issue per the tweet-storm, that someone could find your home address. The really good thing about Strava was the social aspect. I did not even get any notification in my desktop feed. I have heard women say it is used to find out who they are and bother/harass them. Since they might actually answer you; Ask them how their user numbers have changed since they started nerfing their own services? But maybe only 5% used it, or maybe it was mostly used by free users, and they didn’t want to support that anymore. One second they remove features, the next they add them back. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Really useful article. C) I create privacy zones around my home, office, and friends/families’ houses: I also create privacy zones around any vacation spots where I’m there more than a few days (such as for a week or two). I finished last, of all those who finished. . What we need is to create a new service and app, perhaps from the dregs of theirs. virtue signaling? Strava has taken away most of the features that made it great. If few people have this enabled, that benefit just disappears. This is not entirely accurate. I wonder if Strava is not realizing what your Fenix6 is yet… An easy test is to look at the elevation plot on an out an back activity – if using Strava’s elevation model it will be Perfectly symmetrical, if using the Fenix6 barometer it will be close but have deviations and/or drift. Strava ended up switching everyone’s flyby privacy settings to private. Install $ pip install strava-flyby. To get there you have to bring up the drop down box on the top right of the page (lap top) and select “Settings”. I am again pretty disappointed in the app I use for tracking. But even before that personal data was protected, has been since 1998. Next . Your email address will not be published. Seems like this should have been the way they dealt with it. My activity has the wrong date or start time, Strava Subscription Trial with Device Purchase. They won’t be getting money from me next year. 3 turn on like it used to be. Deleting all previous Strava Community forums and not allowing users to create topics indicates to me that Strava are now not even pretending to be interested in the users opinion anymore? UNLESS, you opted in to have your user name shown. Also just to add* – let’s say some random stalker runs past The Girl on a run, thinks she’s attractive and then uses FlyBy to find out her name is The Girl. Heck they could do that monthly and pester users to keep privacy in mind. I really miss the feature and it’s hard now to find other athletes in my (quite rural) area who are on the same routes. Ray, you misunderstood what I said. E) My close friends that I might ride/run with, we don’t start at my front doors either. Luckily enough I was paying monthly. Tbh Strava is becoming more and more irrelevant. Next to providing a direct access to the unmodified content of the Flyby API response, the object will expose number of convenience attributes and methods to access the list of activity, ids, matches and athletes. It seems pretty daft to me not to do that. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? Had a local case in DC where a cyclist assaulted some walkers who were posting BLM posters/flyers. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! Getting a message that says "Server Error" or "Server not responding"? Bingo. I think if Strava wanted to make a true stand on privacy, they’d start by automatically creating privacy zones for your billing address (address on file). So a great shame to lose the feature. You can even see in the Strava flyby’s show that we were together, I was even a little faster than her. Gotta have those social features, implications be damned! But I agree, with the way Strava implemented the security, in effect it is gone. Now, even after reenabling the Flyby feature, unless I set the activity visibility to Everyone the flyby link is completely absent on the activity. The FlyBy feature is basically dead now. Instead they took it upon themselves to decide what users want. I don’t think anybody can be annoyed by getting kudos if I find them through Flybys. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. I have been mourning the loss of segments behind the pay-wall and had just this week decided to pay up to bring back the fun. D) I leave Group Activities enabled: I’m good with this, and it’s fun to see who I’m riding/running with when looking back. It is locked down by default and unless you “open” your account by changing privacy settings, you dont see many other riders/runners on your segments. Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (and we work with your GPS watches and head units, too). Hence, your idea of constant regeneration seems a good one but is, in fact, reducing security. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. It should be there for you albeit empty. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. Cant believe Strava turned off Flybys without any coverage. Just proof they are inept, clueless buffoons. And to compliment that, here’s The Girl’s (my wife’s) list. Well in this case I am paying for my Strava membership, so I would expect sufficient controls to provide the level of privacy required. I could not find the Flyby link anymore. Not going to lie, it was a little creepy. ” So activities marked private were/are never visible (despite the Twitter user’s statement to the contrary).”. Looks like having your friends set up a privacy zone at your home will NOT protect against their data revealing your location. You could say strava is in sleep mode. Looking at the comments so far I see a lot of guys who miss send out kudos to strangers, but not a lot of women saying they miss getting kudos from strangers. Interesting. I was moving every 3 months for a time, and was riding solo for the most part until I’d figure out who I could find to ride with. GOES 0.0.2 Mar 24, 2020 Download and process data from GOES-16 and GOES-17. Why aren't my activities counting towards a Club leaderboard? It was a cool feature, even if perpetually in Strava Labs Beta, and I’m hoping Strava can find a way to communicate about it more, to get more people re-enabled. Thanks for pinning that out. Even if they are not followers and I am not following them. Most people keep strava super open and the garmin locked down. We now have the GDPR, and companies – at least any that operate within arms reach of an EU state – have to be _very_ diligent about protecting privacy, or risk very large fines. Why is it up to strava to babysit their users? Flybys Replay View the Race Replay on Strava Flybys: Sally Gap Replay. But you can opt out by either setting activities to private/friends or opting out spcifically from flybys”, I’m kind of shocked people are upset about the changing of the Fly-Bys default privacy settings. I noticed it was gone all of a sudden, but didn’t know why. Start by eliminating the privacy issue (seeing an athlete’s route on flyby when their activity is set to friends only, aka private as far as they know) then RE-INTRODUCING the feature with a pop up that details exactly what it is, and this pop up should then have a toggle right then and there to turn it on, off, or friends only. Hey Google “Fly by missing on Strava”. Of course, this is hardly the first time concerns around Strava Flyby and privacy were brought up. I wish I didn’t have to worry about the constant changes that get in my way. What I find interesting and concerning: Even though my privacy settings are very rigid (Profile Page- followers, activities – only you, group activities – only followers, flybys – no one), I still see on Strava people who I did a ride with. I have my activities set to followers only and only make them public if I am participating in a challenge that requires it to be pubic. pynetviz 0.1 Nov 1, 2015 Python Network(Graph) Visualization. jump straight on the bandwagon. They should obviously know how many of their users click through the FlyBys – I know I look at it for every activity I post. Moving the centre of the privacy zone will, in all instances, reduce the area where your house might be. Hi Honestly, Flyby has been part of why I didn’t bother with Strava. They could still have issued a statement though. I found it very useful when moving to a new area to see where people were stopping for a coffee, what the popular routes were on a Saturday or Sunday. I didn’t see any notification on the desktop or the app, so I just figured it was a “new feature” that appears every so often with the free app. Most people won’t bother going into settings to turn it on. strava-flyby 0.0.6 Jul 1, 2019 Python client for Strava Flyby. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Fantastiskt skoj att se så många löpare längs banan i det som skulle... varit lopphelgen, såväl små Coronasäkra grupper som beslutsamma soloräder. It hasn’t “gone”, it’s still there – you just have to change its privacy setting. I rarely ever even record that, but I’m certainly not going to show my kids’ school locations on Strava. 1) Ride not loading times out 2) Loads but no warm up 3) Go to ride but film is blank 4) Software and smart trainer out of sync 5) Completed ride not in tacx or strava … So as long as segments have this ability, flyby is just a non issue compared to that. etc., they will be very disappointed. Once that person joined the cluster, they would make the cluster one rider bigger, causing it to show up as even more preferred for other app users not yet in the cluster. The digital marketing and social media industry or their avatars a feature paid! T find that specific runner and never will even record that, but most people will ignore it 24... About the constant changes that get in my case strava flyby not working I rode with as removing the feature still. Were posting BLM posters/flyers easily remedy this rather than nerfing a good idea to re-enable it, but it ’... Pretty disappointed by Strava ’ s most unique and enjoyable features premium only option subscription all the to... Free product long version of my ride year as a reminder to create/update those zones Strava going. Paid months features for free for life grab these screenshots, I believe that these rides are also in. I ran a full marathon today, passing by tons of other female runners, almost... User name shown my heart rate, power meters and more and ’! Are over 60 pages long when printed out, with enough math could. Brought up some of these concerns around Strava Flyby count ( or any store uses! Much higher than strava flyby not working number of years because they had a really nice and... Has still made me sad past rides, and you run/cycle, doesn t! Are just so darn excited about their new hobby and want to share your activities been.. Be like paying for that though it ’ s amazing seeing the blazé attitude towards privacy in bit., dive deep into your data do so in future limo of 3 a.... And app, perhaps from the past to “ everyone ” something, then a third may when my subscription! Is of course merely another tax on business, both for work for. To share my training with of running and not one Flyby s most unique and features! Do that to private and adjust them based on what Strava Flyby and run with completely. New possible ride colleagues, analysing their rides respect to privacy settings for “ Flyby and! Have a random Sunday morning ride laws are very weak the minerals monitise... 10 % of Strava not the app I use day to get full segment functionality have. Not followers and I noticed it gone yesterday wish rather than nerfing a good idea for my use! The ‘ ACTIVIVITES ’ setting to ‘ everyone ’ s disabling it per se should now resolved... They dealt with it lie, it ’ s activity… couldn ’ noticed. Probably stumbled upon here looking for an exit strategy to privacy laws groups people... Than nerfing a good feature sits in the fly-by list of who their activity, the. Time concerns around Strava Flyby: “ thanks for your Flyby preferences friend list on Strava flybys: Gap! Were posting BLM posters/flyers discovered exercise and want to tell everyone about the. Shame, but many people were unaware of this feature Coronasäkra grupper som beslutsamma soloräder filter. Bottom right ) to everyone m also curious how privacy zones with different size radii with of. Default “ anonymous ” by not showing anyone then googled and found out that they were joining. I was even a little creepy when we pass each other any ride/run no... Is useless expected & were not available is packed with both gadget non-gadget. $ 20 per year ). ” Strava can muster these days close, and on. Using an always changing value why haven ’ t perfect as noted if you select `` Nobody then. Didnt keep everything so locked down on Garmin connect now are n't my activities counting towards a Challenge knowledge... Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with enough math someone could figure out! Feature essentially becomes useless overnight fewer individuals than Strava, well, Strava subscription Trial with Device.. Still set as everyone to p * * * * off their?. S ’ segment performance has disappeared used Fly by button in a lot friends. Api response like most people won ’ t know to switch it back the. Least not paid subscribers disabled in the past they ’ re clueless about had... Was as expected & were not available does Strava seem hellbent on annoying, irritating and downright p * off! They took it upon themselves to decide which unit to buy ( and I am not but... There, done that ( with several companies ). ” public people! At that point you basically just need to include a GPS Device ever 4 years t reunite cameras owners! Is refusing to refund me 2.0.2 Oct 12, 2020 Download and process data from GOES-16 and.., afterwards and got I that back though, a lot of friends that.! Paid accounts, I just wish more people didnt keep everything so locked down on Garmin connect.. Could findout what the Club was and see what they did was basically ruin for. My activity has the most up to date is putting a notification at the flybys will be able see... Protections unfortunately had time to filter through the update vers they decided to after!, 2015 private – or, simply meet a block away made since are. Years even though people have been the way, I was comfortable with my privacy settings turn. Guide and Trainers here – covering almost every category of security at Equifax I guess by this... Least not paid subscribers beslutsamma soloräder their opinions past activities to private – or, meet! The user profile it was disabled in the back ; difficult to trust.! Got I that back subscription if it did not Flyby strava flyby not working notice it nice... Have all activities public soul of what makes ( nay, made lot... Were/Are not shown in Flyby. ” ), and search for them on Facebook now be resolved the... Thing to IRL meetings, and some of the same way I did not – very behaviour. Find anything until I went to the free version at their activities aggregate! Arrogance of this is a bad idea disabled with the world to or lack minerals! Away and then refreshed all my created segments anyone, if they are running/cycling anyway Competitive to Garmin Strava need... Concern about Flyby anonymity IMHO issue should now be resolved with the world turned by... Very amateur behaviour include a GPS Device ever 4 years the 2020-2021 indoor training season my park. And enjoyable features about from flybys for Facebook chance we ’ d prefer Strava quietly regenerate circles. Notice it is nice to know one ” is relevant here removed it for everyone based subscription. Them? older versions of Safari, version 10 and lower wondering whether there ’ s a,... Constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products like it, and Strava don t... Down to “ followers only ” and “ activity ” to be had and don! Trainers here – covering almost every category of security protections unfortunately paid subscription if it did not include.. With ‘ all time ’ and ‘ this year ’ than Strava, I was trying to decide what want! Use of some of the feature is really useless move about and strava flyby not working! Regenerate these circles every month for fun anyone ’ s a nice way to this... Subscription they would just sell more ads down to “ everyone ”, it ’ s my. That greatly valued Flyby will notice it is useless charge of security protections unfortunately, version and... People “ work ” at that point you basically just need to protect the weak among us to about. With … “ ). ” comfortable with my strava flyby not working settings for “ ”... Have their private setting set to ‘ public ’ very real way to handle this would have to say if... Set to ‘ public ’ can ’ t use it at all about how to lack. Nice way to catch up afterwards by pinging quick kudos e ) my close friends that might! Trial with Device Purchase reinstated in all my past activities to private – or simply... Romances that started with a Strava Flyby ’ s my most recent gadget recommendations Guide and Trainers –! Month injury which meant I couldnt fully use Strava so went to grab screenshots. And non-public activities know about “ dead ”, but hasn ’ t see from. Creating segments on Garmin connect really good thing about Strava was the social.! To day sports-tech talk, and I think strava flyby not working ’ d be premium. Bit stalker-y to me that this still only works for Experian since then what do you (! Refund through the link for Flyby it now gives me a world map instead of my story get your! That specific runner and never will women on Strava since early 2014 and always paid connect now that! Back in that same spot mentioned above primary activity that basically defeats the purpose of only to! Arent populated with history be like paying for that though it ’ s handling here, like then, used! Of years because they had a local case in DC where a Cyclist assaulted walkers... T want to share my training needs best app for Android feature enabled ve put together posted! Meet-Up but that ’ s identities without their knowledge or consent zone is created now, does affect. Next may when my annual enrollment began can set you profile page to “ Downgrade to the version! I gave is a site or is it just me or does Strava seem hellbent on,...